COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: 'Siesta Fiesta 3DS' Review

Updated: 08/19/2014 10:54 AM
Created: 07/31/2014 9:37 AM
By: Aaron Chalich

I am always looking for fun and challenging games and I just played Nintendo’s “Siesta Fiesta” for the 3DS and I really enjoyed it a lot.

“Siesta Fiesta” is a fast paced side scrolling game where you must break blocks and other items by bouncing a character named “Siesta” on a bed. When Siesta bounces up, you must move the bed on the bottom of the screen and try to bounce him back up by moving the bed side to side while the screen is scrolling to the right.

Your goal is to try and score as many points as you can in each level by breaking different colored bricks. You will also receive medals if you score a certain amount of points.

The 3D looks great and the graphics are very well done. All of the levels are bright and colorful and the backgrounds look amazing.

I really thought the “Siesta Fiesta’s” story was pretty good and interesting. 

One night Siesta falls asleep and it starts to rain. Eventually his room is flooded and his bed floats away and Siesta eventually lands on an island named “Fiestaville.” Tiny creatures named “Fiestas” live there and they decide to show Siesta around the island, however Siesta sleeps through all of it.

There are eight different areas on the island of Fiestaville that you must go through, each area has several levels such as Kahuna Bay, Balloon Lagoon, and the Grape Factory.

As you complete each level a new one will unlock. You can go back and replay levels to try and get a higher score and medal. 

The controls are very easy to learn, there is a tutorial you can play at the beginning of the game that explains what you will need to do. I thought this was very helpful.

As I mentioned earlier, you must bounce Siesta on a bed and you move the bed left and right by using the touch screen. You can also boost Siesta higher into the air by tapping the touch screen. This is very helpful when there are blocks really high up on the screen.

The blocks are called “Piñata blocks, there are several different ones. Some take more hits to break than others but those will give you more points.

There are also many different blocks and items that will help you. Some blocks have effects when hit such as bumpers, party gates, bellows, and water blocks. You have to try to hit each one and see what happens.

You can also earn combos if you break a bunch of blocks in a single bounce. The more blocks you break the higher your score will be. There are also juggle combos, they give you more points depending on many times you can bounce Siesta in a row without him falling off the bed.

When you begin each level you will have five rescue Fiestas. If Siesta falls off the bed a rescue Fiesta will come and pick up Siesta and put him back on the bed. Once you have used all of your Fiestas the game is over.

There are four different game modes that you can play. There is a “Popper Bed Mode” where you can catch Siesta inside the bed and then fire him upwards. Another mode is the “Fan Bed Mode” where you must float Siesta through the level. The third mode is “Time Trial Mode” where you must try and finish the level as quickly as possible. The last mode is “Piñata Boss Mode” where you must try and beat one of the end bosses as quickly as possible. I really had a lot of fun playing the different modes, my favorite was the popper bed mode.

Overall I really enjoyed Nintendo’s “Siesta Fiesta” a lot. I thought it was very challenging and it was really fun to try and beat all of the different levels. I thought the four different game modes really added a lot to the game and made it more exciting. The 3D looked great and I would suggest you play using it. If you are looking for a fun themed and challenging game that you can just pick up and play then I would highly recommend that you check out “Siesta Fiesta.”

“Siesta Fiesta” is rated “E”

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