COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: 'The Legend of Billie Jean 'Fair is Fair' Special Edition Blu-Ray' Review

Updated: 08/19/2014 10:55 AM
Created: 07/15/2014 10:03 AM
By: Aaron Chalich

I grew up in the 1980’s and I am a huge fan of anything related to that era, especially the films. I just finished watching Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Legend of Billie Jean” on Blu-ray and I really enjoyed it a lot. I had never seen it before and it’s one of those films I have always wanted to see but never got the chance to.

“The Legend of Billie Jean” was released in 1985 and was directed by Matthew Robbins and produced by Rob Cohen. It stars Helen Slater, Christian Slater, Barry Tubb, Yeardley Smith, Martha Gehman, Keith Gordon, Caroline Williams and Peter Coyote.

It was really neat seeing all of these actors because this was probably one of their first films, due to how young they were in it.

The movie is about a girl named Billie Jean Davy (Helen Slater) and her brother Binx (Christian Slater) who live in a trailer park. Their father passed away and left the family some insurance money, so Binx buys a motor scooter with his money. 

One day while Billie Jean and Binx are swimming, some of the local rich kids take Binx’s scooter and smash it. Billie Jean gets mad and goes to the store owned by one of the rich kid’s fathers and she tells him that he owes her brother $608 to fix his scooter. The father refuses to pay all of the money and tries to take advantage of Billie Jean. She breaks away and during the fight, Binx accidentally shoots the father in the arm.

Billie Jean, Binx, and two of their friends get scared and run. Now the police are after them, but eventually Billie Jean becomes a media sensation and a symbol of freedom to teenagers.

“The Legend of Billie Jean” is such a fun movie to watch. The characters are all very likeable and the screen writers did an excellent job. I thought the story was great and very interesting, it had a great 80’s feel to it.

I also really enjoyed the soundtrack to the film as well. There are songs from Billy Idol, Pat Benatar and the Divinyls.

I watched the Blu-ray version of the film and it was awesome. The quality of the print is flawless. It is as sharp and as clear as the day it was released in theaters. The picture is bright and very colorful and it is a pleasure to watch.

One really awesome feature about Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Legend of Billie Jean” is that it includes audio commentary with Helen Slater who played Billie Jean and Yeardley Smith. This was very entertaining to listen to. You could tell that both Helen and Yeardley were having a great time remembering and telling stories about filming the movie. 

The audio commentary is one of my favorite features on a DVD. I find it fascinating to listen to the people involved with the film talking about making the movie, stories from the set, and other bits of information that the normal viewer wouldn’t know about.

I have listened to a lot of audio commentaries where the people involved with the film were just not into doing the commentary and it was actually pretty boring to listen to. I felt that Helen and Yeardley’s audio commentary was one of the best audio commentaries I had listened to in a long time.

Overall I really enjoyed Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Legend of Billie Jean Special Fair is Fair” Blu-Ray a lot. I thought the story was great and the acting was fabulous. The quality of the video was awesome and looked amazing. I also really enjoyed listening to the soundtrack of the film and the audio commentary. 

If you are a fan of 80’s films or are looking for a fun movie to watch. Then I would highly recommend “The Legend of Billie Jean.”

“The Legend of Billie Jean” is rated “PG-13”

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