Minnesota State Fair Reveals 2014 New Foods

Updated: 06/26/2014 6:45 AM
Created: 06/25/2014 4:30 PM
By: Heidi Enninga

The newest additions to this year's food offerings at the Great Minnesota Get-Together were revealed Wednesday with 28 items ranging from cold treats like Beer Gelato, SnoRibbons and Jello Salad Ice Cream to deep-fried favorites like Blue Cheese & Corn Fritz, Pizza Tots and Deep-Fried Breakfast On-a-Stick.

Taste buds will get some flavor surprises in several of the fair's newest food creations including PB&J French Toast; Chicken in the Waffle, a to-go version of chicken and waffles and Shrimp Dogs, a twist on the classic corndog.

Along with the new fares, several new food vendors join the list of 300 concessionaires to take in throughout the fairgrounds, most within the West End Market. This section of new construction will get its first visitors this August as it replaces the old Heritage Square.

Blue Barn, owned by the local Blue Plate Restaurant Company, which also owns the Highland Grill, Longfellow Grill, Scusi, and The Lowry, will open west of the Skyride at the West End Market. It is one of the fair's newest vendors with three of the new food items.

New vendor JonnyPops will serve up smoothies on-a stick at West End Market including a flavor exclusive to the state fair: Snelling Strawberry Rhubarb. The company is the brainchild of a group of college entrepreneurs, and a portion of their profits is donated to the Hazelden Foundation in memory of their late friend Jonny.  

Lulu's Public House will be the fair's first roof-top patio and offers three of the fair's newest food items. It's located at West End Market near Schilling Amphitheater.

Pat's Place and West End Creamery will both serve cold treats. Pat's place will serve ice cream staples like cones, sundaes and floats in the Mighty Midway. Headlining the West End Creamery menu at West End Market is the new Hot Toasted Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich, but it will also serve 33 different flavors of hand-scooped ice cream. Other unique items include breakfast cereal sundaes and the "Paul Bunyan Bar."

Two Rivers Kettle Korn will open for the first time this summer at the fair in the West End Market with old-fashioned kettle corn and popcorn.

Here is the full list of new foods and descriptions:

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Leg - A roasted turkey leg wrapped in a layer of bacon. At Texas Steak Out, Located on Underwood Street north of Randall Avenue

Beer Gelato - Made fresh daily on-site, this rich, smooth and creamy gelato is blended with local craft beer. At Mancini's Al Fresco, Located on Carnes Avenue near Nelson Street

Bison Dog - Hickory-smoked, gluten-free and made from naturally pasture-raised bison in River Falls, the Bison Dog can be served Chicago-style or with your choice of fixings on a gluten-free, poppy seed or plain bun. At Chicago Dogs, Located in The Garden on the corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Underwood Street

Blue Cheese & Corn Fritz - Four deep-fried corn fritters stuffed with crumbled blue cheese and served with a fresh herb chimichurri. At The Blue Barn* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located west of the Skyride at West End Market

Breakfast Juicy LuLu - An English muffin with two American cheese-stuffed sausage patties - served until 11 a.m. At LuLu's Public House* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located next to Schilling Amphitheater at West End Market

Caramel Apple Ice Cream - R&R Ice Cream's own tractor-churned vanilla ice cream infused with real caramel and diced Granny Smith apples - a blend of sweet and tart. At R&R Ice Cream, Located on Randall Avenue at Underwood Street

Caribbean-Style Lobster Roll - Chilled lobster salad tossed in a citrus chipotle mayo seasoned with Caribbean flavors - including cayenne pepper, allspice and nutmeg - served on a soft buttered and grilled roll. At Café Caribe, Located on Carnes Avenue near Chambers Street

Chicken in the Waffle - This southern classic is crispy chicken nestled in a crunchy waffle cone, then smothered with a creamy sausage gravy. At The Blue Barn* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located west of the Skyride at West End Market

Chilaquiles - Corn tortilla chips covered in chili verde sauce with chicken then topped with eggs and garnished with lettuce, tomato and sour cream - served until 10:30 a.m. At El Sol Mexican Food, Located on the southwest outside corner of the Food Building

Chocolate Dessert Salami - Chocolate, butter, almonds and walnuts all blended and rolled into a distinctive salami shape, dusted with powdered sugar, then sliced and served on specialty crackers for a unique Italian dessert. At Sausage Sisters, Located inside the Food Building

Deep-Fried Breakfast On-a-Stick - American and Swiss cheeses, a sausage patty, one egg and Canadian bacon all sandwiched between two pancakes, then dipped in a light, sweet batter and deep-fried on-a-stick. At The Sandwich Stop, Located on Clough Street on the east side of the Poultry Barn

Deep-Fried Buckeyes - A sweet, creamy peanut butter ball coated in chocolate, dipped in funnel cake batter, deep-fried, dusted with confectioners' sugar and served with a strawberry sauce. At Spaghetti Eddie's, Located on Cooper Street at Dan Patch Avenue

Deep-Fried Lobster On-a-Stick - Canadian lobster pieces poached in butter, dipped in a corn batter, deep-fried and served with a spiced dipping sauce. At LuLu's Public House* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located next to Schilling Amphitheater at West End Market

Gluten-Free Beer-Battered Brat - A locally-made gluten- and nitrate-free brat, dipped in a homemade beer batter and deep-fried on-a-stick. At Sonny's Spiral Spuds, Located inside the Food Building

Hot Toasted Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich - Two hot, crunchy, toasted waffles sandwich a wedge of rich vanilla ice cream with a light powdered sugar dusting - it's hot, cold and crunchy. At West End Creamery* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located at West End Market

Iron Range Pierogies - An authentic Polish favorite, these deep-fried dumplings are stuffed with potatoes and cheddar cheese, topped with crispy onion strings and served with a zingy horsey sauce. At The Blue Barn* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located west of the Skyride at West End Market

Jello Salad Ice Cream - Inspired by the classic Minnesota potluck dessert (and served in church dining halls everywhere), this jello salad treat features a sweet cream base flavored with fresh lime juice, swirled with cranberry sauce and blended with marshmallows dipped in marshmallow crème. Made by Minnesota's own Izzy's Ice Cream, this flavor is only available at the Hamline Church Dining Hall during the 2014 Minnesota State Fair. At Hamline Church Dining Hall, Located on Dan Patch Avenue near Visitors Plaza

JonnyPops - This all-natural frozen fruit and cream bar is like a smoothie on-a-stick. A variety of flavor choices includes the Minnesota State Fair-exclusive: Snelling Strawberry Rhubarb. At JonnyPops* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Look for the JonnyPops cart at West End Market

Korean BBQ Collar with Kimchi Pickles - Slow-smoked pork collar finished with a garlic ginger BBQ glaze and served with kimchi pickles (cucumbers marinated in Korean kimchi red pepper powder with fresh ginger, shredded carrot, green onion and a touch of soy). At Famous Dave's, Located near the corner of West Dan Patch Avenue and Liggett Street

North Shore Pasta - Walleye Mac & Cheese - An Iron Range portion of fresh-smoked walleye with sweet corn kernels and roasted red peppers atop a bed of cavatappi noodles - all smothered in Giggles' secret smoked Gouda sauce and toasted with Parmesan parsley bread crumbs. At Giggles' Campfire Grill, Located on Cooper Street and Lee Avenue in The North Woods

PB&J French Toast - The ever-popular peanut butter & jelly sandwich is fused with French toast, then sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage. At Robbinsdale OES Dining Hall, Located on Underwood Street next to FAN Central

Pizza Tots - Green Mill's version of the tater tot, these handmade pizza tots combine sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, seasonings and hash browns, and they are then dusted with Parmesan cheese and served with a side of pizza sauce. At Green Mill, Located west of the Family Fair Stage in Baldwin Park

Pretzel Curds - These real Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds are coated in a batter made from crushed pretzels, bread crumbs and American Pilsner beer; deep-fried to create a crunchy outside and a soft delicious inside; and served with a zesty dipping sauce. At O'Gara's at the Fair, Located on the corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Cosgrove Street

Prime Rib Taco - Sliced rotisserie prime rib served in a flour tortilla with sautéed onions and peppers and topped with chili con queso. LuLu's Public House* (New Food Vendor for 2014), Located next to Schilling Amphitheater at West End Market

Rustic Stuffed Scone - A savory, Parmesan-crusted, baked butter scone stuffed with all-natural ham, Swiss, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, and a creamy house-made béchamel sauce. At French Meadow Bakery, Located on Carnes Avenue between Underwood and Nelson streets

Schnitzel Strips - Pork tenderloin coated with a seasoned breading, then fried, cut into strips and served with a lemon, garlic and mayonnaise dipping sauce. At Smoothies and Jurassic Dogs, Located on Murphy Avenue across from the Pet Center

Shrimp Dog - Baby shrimp and cream cheese are combined, then batter-dipped, deep-fried and served on-a-stick. At The Shrimp Shack, Located on Underwood Street at Carnes Avenue

SnoRibbons - Just like a fusion of feathery light cotton candy, flaky shaved ice and creamy layered snow, SnoRibbons melt in your mouth. It's like eating snow and tasting ice cream at the same time. This colorful, gluten-free treat is low in calories and sugar and made with fresh, natural ingredients. Exotic flavor combinations are served on a rotating basis and include: strawberry pretzel cream cheese, coffee & donuts, grasshopper pie, red hot velvet, green tea black sesame, horchata vanilla, salty dog, cococaramel, banana toffee crunch, salted caramel corn crunch, frozen hot chocolate, chocolate cherries jubilee, mango tangsicle, blue cotton moon and more. At Blue Moon Dine-In Theater, Located on the corner of Chambers Street and Carnes Avenue

Chicken in Waffle from The Blue Barn
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair

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