2-Year-Old Makes Emergency Call for Minn. Mom in Medical Distress

Updated: 06/26/2014 5:43 PM
Created: 06/24/2014 4:02 PM
By: Kate Renner

A 2 year-old girl from Montrose, Minnesota, is being hailed a hero for a life-saving action she took Monday night to get her mom help.

Her mom, Liz Neaton, has been diagnosed with an autonomic nervous system disorder that causes her to faint, sometimes when she stands up.

On Monday night, Neaton was out cold for too long, so her daughter Genevieve took over.

Neaton and Genevieve (Eve) were on their way outside to blow bubbles, when Liz had one of her dizzy spells.

"So I put my 4-month-old in her bubble seat, and from the time that I put here in her bubble seat to when I got up, I must have fainted," Neaton said.

"I've been known to faint wherever," said Neaton. "The next thing I remember is there are emergency personnel all over my living room," Neaton said. "At first I asked where the kids were. And then I said, 'Who called you?' And they said, 'Your daughter called us.'" 

Eve, was on the other end. She called once at 5:37 p.m., but hung up before dispatch could locate an address, and when no help arrived, Eve called again 17 minutes later.

Neaton recently taught Eve, if she ever needed help to ask SIRI, the iPhone smart service.

"So we just kind of say, 'If mom falls down, this is the button you push and you say call whoever,'" Neaton said.

This time she said, "Call emergency" over and over until help arrived.

"She called and she stayed by me," Neaton said.

An amazing response by a little girl, not even 3 years old.

"We're so thankful and so proud of her," Neaton said.

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