Woman Found Floating in Mississippi Rescued by U of M Rowing Team

Updated: 06/18/2014 7:02 PM
Created: 06/18/2014 5:33 PM
By: Todd Wilson

An injured woman was rescued from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis by two rowing coaches and two rowers from the University of Minnesota.

An hour into their training and instead of leg drives and perfecting their stroke they're rescuing a woman stranded in the water.

"We were coming up stream heading towards the Minneapolis dock," Head Coach Wendy Davis said.

Davis says out of the corner of her eye she sees a woman chest deep in the river.

"She's amongst the trees, and that looked funny so we went in closer," she said.

Davis started calling out to the woman to see if she was ok.

"And I tried to swing around to the up stream side but it was clear I wouldn't have control of the motor boat so we threw her a life jacket," she said.

Emily Stock and another rower were in the boat with coach Davis. She says, they were only able to pull the woman halfway into their boat. So they called over Assistant Coach Peter Morgan who was in another boat nearby.

"And he was able to get the boats close enough together so he could lift the woman's legs up onto the launch that I was in. So she was able to lay on her stomach on the launch," Stock said.

Stock says, the woman was in bad shape. She says she was very pale and her lips were purple. Stock kept reassuring the woman she was going to be safe and warm in a few minutes. She says the rowing team was in the right place at the right time

"I think so, it was very much a team effort to get this woman to safety and I hope she's doing well" she said.

The woman was eventually taken to Hennepin County Medical Center. The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.


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