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Updated: 09/11/2013 1:34 PM
Created: 09/10/2013 8:44 PM | Print |  Email
By: Cassie Hart

Minn. Congressional Leaders Respond to Pres. Obama's Address

Minnesota's Congressional leaders are responding to President Obama's address to the nation on Syria.

Congressman John Kline:

“For two weeks, the President has failed to convey to the American people a clear objective for military intervention in Syria, which is why earlier today I voiced my opposition to the Administration’s request for military strikes in Syria. The President’s remarks to the nation once again fell short of providing a clear rationale for military intervention.

“Regarding the Russian proposal, while international control of Syria’s chemical weapons is in the world’s best interest, we must explore if it is a credible option.”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann:

"President Obama’s muddled foreign policy has demonstrated incredible weakness around the world, and his Administration’s handling of the situation in Syria has been stunningly incompetent and incoherent. From the outset, the Obama Administration has failed to articulate an identifiable American national security interest or a clear strategy for success, which is why I remain adamantly opposed to the use of military force in Syria.

"Any action in the already volatile country would only make the situation worse. Considering many of the rebels have connections with al Qaeda-linked groups, the alternative is no better.

"All week my office has been flooded with constituent phone calls and emails that have been nearly unanimous in their opposition to U.S. involvement in Syria. I agree with my constituents and the American people, and if a vote comes to the House floor, I will oppose the authorization of military force."

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