Big Money Monday: Are You Owed A Stash of Cash?

Big Money Monday

KSTP is working with the Minnesota Department of Commerce to connect Minnesotans with unclaimed money. The state is holding $550 million in forgotten funds from stocks, un-cashed paychecks, life insurance policies, deposits for utilities, dormant bank accounts and other sources. The forgotten funds can be a result of things like address changes, deaths and forgetfulness. It's estimated one in 20 Minnesotans have money owed to them, and often they don't know it.

Using the website below, people can search their name to find out if they have money coming to them.

Watch out for possible scams. The Department of Commerce does not charge for filing claims regardless of the amount returned. Also, the Department of Commerce does not proactively reach out to consumers to ask for personal information. If you are approached via email, letter or telephone claiming you have unclaimed property at the state, do not provide any personal information. Instead, initiate the claim process on your own.
Check for Unclaimed Money:
Click the money bag below to check the Department of Commerce website for any unclaimed money you may have.
Viewer Submitted Stories:

Tom Christie:
I found I have a rebate or refund due from Qwest. It says it's over $100.00. I'm disabled so I can certainly put it to good use.

Fred Baker:
My uncle Sylvester Kosa (I knew him as Uncle Andy) has money owed him according to METLIFE INC DEMUTUALIZATION MN. Andy was never married nor had any children that I am aware of. He died in the early 1980's. Andy was the son of John and Lena Koska of Melrose, Mn. My mother Cecelia Baker (Andy's sister) served as the executor of his estate.

Andraea Smith:
Unfortunately nothing for me, oh well...

Arnold Richardson:
It says I have money over 100. I could sure use it to I am also a vet and disabled.

Richard Olson
I think I have money coming

Hattie ODonnell:
I found over $100 under my maiden name! I wish it would list the exact amount.

Connie Hillock:
I do have a 'friend' who use to be my former boss that has cash available to her...5 different entities with each one stating 'over $100'. She wasnt very nice to me..she was my former boss, but I'll tell you her name and you can pay forward for me if you so choose.

Nadia Sanchez:
My mom had an unclaimed paycheck.

Mark Ohanlon:
I checked all my famliy and I found out that my grandfather is owed $280 bucks from Michigan..... I was shocked.

Pam McLaren:
Well, I did find $16.07 from an old svgs acct from when I was stationed in TX in the 80's. I suggest searching for all states, just in case. I did find more money, but was for my brother & sister - doubt I'll get any finders fee, tho!

Jeff Pert
No money for me! Bummer. But thanks for doing this interesting story anyway!

I have ZIPPO coming back!!!!! :-(

Jenny Harris: 
So glad I checked, even though I was sure I wouldn't have anything- my first employer owes me over $100!!

I found I have money coming from a former employer! I submitted the form on-line and was approved immediately. I should get a check within a few weeks. Typical of me, I couldn't wait to see the amount, so I called and found out. Lol!

Bob Stafford:
Found 100+ dollars in an account of my late mother that I thought had been closed years ago. Am processing paperwork now to claim monies. Thanks for your help.

A whole lot of nothing! Searched my family members' names too!

John Melchior:
After your news I said what the heck I will try it again this year. Low and behold, I got over $100.00 again this year. Thanks for Big Money Mondays.

Ben Nelson:
I got a call from my mother who had searched my name and told me that I had over $100 in unclaimed money. I searched for myself and saw I had an unclaimed check from a former employer.

Kathy Tokos:
Watching the news about unclaimed money while writing an email made it pretty easy to check out the website. Pretty surprised to find my name and $100+.

Gao Vang:
I finally remembered to give it a try today. I found that I had a refund from my previous college. The claim was approved online right away. I called the MN Dept of commerce because I had a name change and the lady was able to tell me how much the un-cashed check was for. Sweet! Extra cash can never go wrong:)


Every time I see your updates on Big Money Monday I say - I have to go check the website. Well today I did and guess what? I have money coming to me - something over $100. Wow! Thanks for providing the link!

Deb Froemming:

Didn't find any money for me but played around with names and found money for my sister and a couple other relatives! Thanks for sharing!

Robert El:

I was going to purchase something from Kowalski's and the manager informed me that they were checking people names for unclaimed cash. She said go give them your name. I found I have $230 coming back. Also, got to do a live interview. Plus, just told my brother-in-law and he has something coming back also. Don't hurt to check, you might get a check.

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