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EXCLUSIVE: Hear how officers saved two of their own

When two Twin Cities police officers were stabbed, fellow officers and dispatchers worked together to save two of their own.  5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained audio tape that gives you rare access to what happened that morning back in August.  It lets you hear what went on in the officers’ and dispatchers’ own words.


It began with the Minneapolis dispatcher's call, "Robbery in progress.  2006 Lyndale, The Money Center."  Officer Jason Walters is first on the scene.  "I'm with the caller.  He says they did not exit the front but there's probably a back door here," reported Walters.

As backup arrives, suspect Ricky Redin runs from the store, down a dead-end alley and then doubles back.  "He's comin' right by ya!!!  Westbound... ...Franklin!" reported one officer.

Walters and and fellow Officer Charles Herzog intercept Redin in the middle of Franklin Avenue.  Redin has a knife.


"Shots fired!!!  Shots fired!!!  Ambulance code 3!" shouts one officer.  Officer Walters voice is heard next, "515!  Ambulance code 3!  We got two officers injured and one male down!"  Walters is one of those injured officers.  The other is Charles Herzog.

The dispatcher sounds an alert tone and calls out, "Officer needs help.  2006 Lyndale.  Shots fired."  Another officer reports the situation, "We got two officers stabbed... and a suspect shot.  We need three rigs."


Three ambulances rush to the scene.  But for the officers watching Walters and Herzog bleed on the street, the few minutes it takes seems much longer.  "Need three rigs, three ambulances rollin' here!" calls one officer.

"They are on the way, all three rigs," the dispatcher responds.


A minute and a half later, another officer calls in, "What's the ETA on an ambulance otherwise we're gonna load these guys!"

The dispatcher answers, "They should be in the area."


The ambulances do arrive quickly.  While some officers help load Walters and Herzog on board, the tape reveals other officers helped clear a path to the hospital. 

"These ambulances are taking off.  They're gonna be going on Franklin eastbound," reported an officer at the scene.  The dispatcher alerted the other officers, "Okay, ambulances are leaving eastbound on Franklin.  Need all eastbound streets blocked off."


Officers Herzog and Walters recovered from their injuries and, as we said earlier, are back on the street.


A standard department investigation cleared them of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Redin.

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