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Updated: 06/24/2013 7:37 AM
Created: 06/22/2013 3:42 PM | Print |  Email

Robbinsdale Sinkhole Repair May Take 3 Weeks

Giant sinkhole in Robbinsdale.

Photo: KSTP/Stephen Tellier

A giant sinkhole is fenced off on 42nd Avenue North and Bottineau Boulevard in Robbinsdale.

The hole is estimated to be 15 to 20 feet deep and spans three lanes of traffic.

An engineer from the City of Crystal said the sinkhole is not weather related - as initially thought. A 36-inch water main broke Saturday night, rupturing a sewer line.

The pipe is from 1963, but was supposed to be useable for about 80 years, the engineer said.

Crews say it could take three weeks to repair the sewer line, storm drain and fill the sinkhole.

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