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Updated: 05/25/2013 9:52 AM
Created: 05/24/2013 11:19 PM | Print |  Email
By: Nick Winkler

Minnesota Filmmaker Attracts Superfans

Christopher R. Mihm's latest film is attracting fans from around the country.

The Giant Spider, Mihm's eighth film, premiered in Minnesota and Wisconsin this week.

It's happening just as the state legislature passed a bill that offers millions of dollars to out of state movie producers to film in Minnesota.

The state may be looking to spend big to create a Minnesota movie buzz, but Mihm is doing so without subsidies.

People from California and Boston are flying to Minneapolis just to meet Mihm and watch the premier this week.

Mihm says he's grateful for the honor. However, he has also worked hard for years to earn the adoration of his fans. Mihm creates a monthly podcast which is downloaded a thousand times each month.

If you'd like to discover what Mihm's superfans have already learned, visit Mihm's web site: Besides reading more about The Giant Spider, you'll also be able to purchase his previous seven movies.

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