Maple Grove Child Care Center Investigated after 3-Year-Old's Face Cleaned with 'Magic Eraser'

Maple Grove Child Care Center Investigated after 3-Year-Old's Face Cleaned with 'Magic Eraser' Photo: Minnesota Department Human Services

January 03, 2018 02:51 PM

The circumstances surrounding a Maple Grove child care center staff member who used a "magic eraser" in an attempt to clean a 3-year-old's face of permanent marker was part of a Department of Human Services investigation launched in December.

According to the DHS report, the 3-year-old had colored on his/her face and hands with multiple permanent markers. Wet wipes were used in an attempt to remove the marker, however, after those proved ineffective, the staff person noted in the investigation used the magic eraser.


The child developed a rash on his/her cheeks, nose and chin, which reportedly cleared up within a few days.

Although the product reportedly contained no hazardous materials, labeling indicated that if the sponge comes into contact with skin, the skin should be rinsed with water.

The child was diagnosed with "mild intermittent reactive airway disease with acute exacerbation and allergic reaction," according to the report, and was prescribed an oral steroid and advised Benadryl for itching. The DHS reported the child also had a cough prior to when the incident occurred.

The DHS determined although the staff person used a magic eraser, which is not meant for use on skin, the staff person's conduct was determined to be a "nonmaltreatment mistake" because the staff person was following the facility's job-related duties at the time of the incident and had not been found to have previously mistreated children.

The care facility conducted an internal review and reported to the DHS their polices and procedures were adequate but that the staff person had not directly followed the facility's risk reduction and poison prevention policies. The staff person, at the time of the investigation, was no longer employed at Creative Kids Academy Inc.

The DHS issued the center a correction order because, according to the department, that the child had access to and use of a permanent marker was a violation of state policy.


Rebecca Omastiak

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