Hearings for 10 Suspended Gopher Football Players Wraps Up Friday Night

January 27, 2017 11:16 PM

A hearing wrapped up Friday night for Gopher football players who were disciplined after a sexual assault investigation.

The 10 players are appealing their suspensions and expulsion. The hearings at the University of Minnesota started Thursday and continued into Friday night


The first day was spent listening to the woman who accused the players of sexual assault and harassment, but they deny those allegations and say any sex that took place was consensual.

On Friday, we're told the players testified on their own behalf, and former head football coach Tracy Claeys testified.

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"He was willing to do it. I can tell you when he was cross examined he just left it where it was; he wasn't going overboard to try to support the players. He was very frank and matter of fact when he didn't know about certain things," said Ryan Pacyga, who is representing Antoine Winfield Jr. in the case. 

Pacyga said the university is no longer going after his client for any sexual misconduct, which is something he says he's grateful for. 

"They have narrowed their case against him, and they are exclusively accusing him of violated three subdivisions for allegedly being outside the bedroom door and perhaps looking in and gathering outside of the bedroom door," Pacyga said. 

Five players face expulsion, four face one year suspensions, and one player faces probation.

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Pacyga has said he believes there could be a conflict of interest with one of the panel members. Pacyga said an orientation agenda from last August shows one of them provided subcommittee members an overview of the "best practices for the University's hearing process in sexual misconduct cases," raising concerns about the panel's ability to be impartial.

On Friday, he told reporters he's pleased with how the panel has handled everything. 

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"I think the panel is doing its job in terms of really paying attention to the evidence and asking thoughtful questions when they have the opportunity to do that," Pacyga said. 

Once the hearings are wrapped up, the three-person panel from the student subcomittee on sexual misconduct will have five days to issue written decisions.


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