2nd Woman Accuses US Probation Officer of Sexual Harassment

January 05, 2017 10:51 PM

Another woman is now telling her story to a lawyer of sexual harassment by a Minneapolis federal probation officer.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS broke the story of accusations against Dennis Bresnahan in November 2016. The woman came forward after seeing our investigation.


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Ayesha McKinney and her lawyer filed federal documents detailing her accusations. She said Bresnahan solicited her for sex, pornographic pictures and abusing his power. She went to court on Thursday afternoon to be sentenced for the crime that put her in Bresnahan’s path and the year of sexual harassment she says he inflicted.

She was caught up in a fake check scheme in 2014 and arrested. She completely cooperated with federal agents. A judge sent her to a halfway house to wait for sentencing. That is where she first met Bresnahan.

She said the sexual harassment started soon after. She said it was oppressive. She was scared to tell anybody. At one point, McKinney said she even went back to jail to get away from Bresnahan. She was pregnant at the time. She served four months. She said the sexual harassment continued even after she got out of jail.

She recorded Bresnahan on her phone in 2016 when she called to do a mandatory check-in.

“I loved your pictures, I want more pictures, do you have any toys? I would love to see you sucking on one and pretending it’s me," Bresnahan is heard saying on one of the calls. KSTP was able to verify Bresnahan’s voice on the recording.

“He was able to get away with this for so long,” McKinney told us. It eventually ended when McKinney took the recording to her lawyer Kenneth Udoibok. He shared the recording with federal agents.

KSTP learned Bresnahan no longer works in the federal probation office. Federal Judge John Tunheim said on Thursday at McKinney’s sentencing that the government was investigating Bresnahan.

The judge sentenced McKinney to time served for her fake check crime. He said he would count her voluntary time in jail towards her punishment. He also gave her two years probation.

McKinney made a rare and unusual request to the judge. She asked for a female probation officer this time and the judge honored her request.

“It’s time for me to move forward in my life and pick up the pieces,”McKinney said after the hearing as she was leaving the courtroom with her five children.

McKinney and her lawyer both believe there are more women Bresnahan sexually harassed. One of them came forward after our investigation. Udoibok said her story is even more egregious than McKinney’s.

“He actually touched her, he put his hand on her lap and solicited a threesome,” he said.

Udoibok is now representing the woman. 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Investigative team was still not able to reach Bresnahan. We asked the U.S. Attorney's Office to answer some basic questions about the case against Bresnahan and if he is still a federal employee. But they refused to answer our questions.

Udoibok is planning on filing a civil case against Bresnahan. He is taking his case all the way to the federal probation office in Washington DC.



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