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By: Kristi Piehl, Investigative Reporter; Justin Piehowski, Web Manager; Nicole Muehlhausen, Web Producer

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EXTENDED: The Investigation


"We went to the scenes. Unlike the police, where the body was recovered, which is the recovery site, which whether or not it is a crime scene because they believe it's accidental, that's a recovery site. What we did is use our own investigative skills and worked backwards.

"We looked at where the victim was recovered, the water, whether it was the river, the Mississippi or lakes, the time of year the victim entered the water, how high the water was, the currents, the speed and the flow, the bend and we had to approximate where we thought would be a possible entry point where the victims could have entered into the water.

" Obviously, it had to be a point where they wouldn't have recieved any trauma to the body, no ripped fibers, there couldn't have been fibers, there couldn't have been branches, a high spot that they could've fallen into. It has to be a location where, whether accidentally, or on purpose, they entered into the water and we went from there."

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