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Updated: 08/19/2013 2:07 PM
Created: 08/12/2013 6:11 PM | Print |  Email
By: Jessica Miles

Minn. Teen Talks about How Concussions Impact Academics

Young athletes are becoming more aware of concussions and the fear they can turn into career-ending injuries.

But we don't necessarily think of them as a threat to academics or how we learn.

Local teenager Hannah Sipe knows that all too well.

About two years ago, over a six month period, 16-year-old Hannah suffered four concussions, ending life as she knew it. That meant no more soccer and no more basketball. Her academic career, which consisted of mainly A's- busted.

Hannah is now speaking out hoping to make people aware of all the risks associated with concussions.

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance works with dozens of students like Hannah. The group points out there is a well established protocol for getting kids back in the game. It starts with complete rest, then light aerobic activity, sport specific exercise, non-contact drill, full contact drill and finally a return to play.

There is no corresponding practice for a return to academics. "We just have to really work with the school system... it's not going to be one size fits all," said David King, Executive Director of the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

Watch an interview with the experts

For a link to a support group for parents and students, click here.



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