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Updated: 05/15/2009 11:07 AM | Print |  Email

Sunday, Aug.23, 2009: "Renaissance Festival"

Meet the real people behind some of those crazy Renaissance characters:"Rat Catcher", "Wacky Chickens", "Feast Master", "Twig" and that group of hard hitting jousters, "The New Riders of the Golden Age." Jason Davis takes you behind-the-scenes at one of the state's best-loved fall festivals.

Here's the link to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

CLICK on the links below to view the individual segments and get more information:

Rat Catcher-Carr Hagerman

Twig-Kathy Gfeller

Wacky Chickens-Lloyd Brant & Rosie Cole

Jousters-New Riders of the Golden Age

Feast Master-Jim Cunningham

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