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By: Mark Albert

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Task Force SAFE

Task Force SAFE mission

Military-produced video of Task Force SAFE

Task Force SAFE was established in August 2008 to address Fire and Electrical safety in theater. Contracts were established and 72 Master Electricians and 27 Fire Protection specialist were brought into Iraq to inspect all US facilities and identify all fire and electrical Life, Health, and Safety defects. Additionally, a contract for 20 Journeyman Electricians was established to repair small bases. Since TF SAFE was established:

- Over 190,000 electrical inspections conducted

- Over 60,000 electrical Life, Health, and Safety defects were identified (31.5% of all inspections found electrical violations or defects).

- Over 35,000 electrical Life, Health, and Safety defects have been repaired

- 194 bases with 4300 facilities were repaired

- 1.2 million code compliant adapters and 570,000 code compliant power strips were distributed to US forces

- Over 34 Fire and Safety Awareness course were conducted

- Conducted 79 Operational Readiness Inspections of Fire Departments

- Conducted over 63,000 Fire Marshal building inspections

- Electrically assessed over 370 Contractor Camps even those are not US owned facilities All IG recommendations were followed with one exception, A.1.2 which was modified to read "Mayor Cells" vice "Commanders"

-Task Force SAFE is spending $271 million on the inspection effort and hopes to have all repairs completed by the end of 2010.

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