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Created: 05/11/2010 3:56 PM | Print |  Email

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Cub Foods:  Out-of-date, but not off the shelves

    1750 West County Rd. 42

Perishable Products:

-Fat-free Skim Milk Land O'Lakes 1/2 gallon (4 days past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date)

-Jennie-O Lemon Garlic Turkey Breast Tenderloin (3 days)

-Hormel Extra Lean Pork Tenderloin Apple Bourbon (2 days)

-Hormel Extra Lean Pork Center Cut Loin Filet Honey Mustard (1 day)

Other Products:

-Milunch Instantaneo Beef Soup Mix (8 months)

-Bertolli Premium Vodka Rustica pasta sauce (2 months)

-Instant cup Ramen Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor (2 months)

-Cub Taster Pastries Frosted Cherry (43 days)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Cherry juice 46 oz. (40 days)

-Bertolli Premium Summer Crushed Tomato & Basil pasta sauce (20 days)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Orange Tangerine juice blend (15 days)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Grape juice blend (13 days)

-Culinary Circle Jamaican-style Jerk Marinade & Cooking sauce (11 days)

-Little Debbie Mini Frosted Donuts six-pkg (4 days)

-Nature's Pride Premium Harvest Country White Deli Rolls (2 days)

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