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Grocery products:
Out-of-date, but not off the shelves

    250 57th Ave NE

Perishable Products:

-Cackleberry Eggs six-pack Grade AA Large Eggs (14 days past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date)

-Pasteurized Eggs Crystal Farms Large Eggs (10 days)

-Five Alive Citrus Refrigerated Juice (2 days)

-Fat-free Skim Milk Land O'Lakes (1 day)

-Weight Watchers Whole Wheat bread (1 day)

Other Products:

-Wee Willy's Classic Homemade Dressing White French (7 months)

-Cub Foods Light French Style Dressing (6 months)

-Mannheim Steamroller Cinnamon Hot Chocolate (4 months)

-Paul Newman's Own Creamy Italian Dressing (3 months)

-Athenos Baked Pita Chips Original (14 days)

-Free Mayo Non-fat Mayonnaise Dressing (13 days)

-Cub Chocolate Chip cookies (7 days)

-Super Crunch Salt-free Rice Cakes (3 days)

-Fudge Shoppe Fudge-dipped Ice Cream Cups cones (2 days)

View Cub Foods statement

    1750 West County Rd. 42

Perishable Products:

-Fat-free Skim Milk Land O'Lakes 1/2 gallon (4 days past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date)

-Jennie-O Lemon Garlic Turkey Breast Tenderloin (3 days)

-Hormel Extra Lean Pork Tenderloin Apple Bourbon (2 days)

-Hormel Extra Lean Pork Center Cut Loin Filet Honey Mustard (1 day)

Other Products:

-Milunch Instantaneo Beef Soup Mix (8 months)

-Bertolli Premium Vodka Rustica pasta sauce (2 months)

-Instant cup Ramen Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor (2 months)

-Cub Taster Pastries Frosted Cherry (43 days)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Cherry juice 46 oz. (40 days)

-Bertolli Premium Summer Crushed Tomato & Basil pasta sauce (20 days)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Orange Tangerine juice blend (15 days)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Grape juice blend (13 days)

-Culinary Circle Jamaican-style Jerk Marinade & Cooking sauce (11 days)

-Little Debbie Mini Frosted Donuts six-pkg (4 days)

-Nature's Pride Premium Harvest Country White Deli Rolls (2 days)

View Cub Foods statement

    5159 West 98th St

Perishable Products:

-Jennie O Turkey store extra lean turkey breast Oven Roasted (19 days past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date)

-Lunds & Byerlys Butcher Shop Bulk Mild Italian Sausage (10 days)

-Lunds & Byerlys Organic 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1 gal. (4 days)

-Lunds & Byerlys Large Grade A Brown Eggs 1 doz. (4 days)

-Lunds & Byerlys Butcher Shop Bulk Pork Sausage (2 days)

-Yoplait Greek 2x Protein Plain yogurt (1 day)

Other Products:

-Healthy Choice Minestrone soup (2 months)

-Campbell's Tomato Juice from concentrate (27 days)

-Food Club Real Mayonnaise (7 days)

-Hellmann's Canola Mayonnaise (3 days)

-Lunds & Byerlys Our Bakery Chef-Crafted All-natural Multi-grain Sandwich slices wheat bread (2 days)

View Lunds statement

    1300 University Ave W
    St. Paul

Perishable Products:

-Bob Evans Zesty Hot Pork Sausage 1lb. (3 months past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date - 1/26/10)  View statement

-Bob Evans Zesty Hot Pork Sausage 1lb. (2 1/2 months - 2/2/10)  View statement

-Market Pantry Cocktail Smokies Beef smoked sausage (9 days)

-Hormel Extra Lean Pork Center Cut Loin Filet Mesquite BBQ (6 days)

-Market Pantry Cocktail Smokies Beef smoked sausage (2 days)

Other Products:

-Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Twin Pack (23 days)

-Chi-Chi's Snackers Mild Salsa Four 4oz cups (8 months)

-All Natural Nasoya Original Vegi-based Sandwich spread 24oz. (4 months)

-Kraft Easy Mac Triple Cheese Microwave Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (2 1/2 months)

-Wishbone Salad Spritzers Asian Silk Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette dressing (28 days)

View Target statement

    5327 Lyndale Ave S

-Brownberry Traditional Stuffing Sage & Onion (17 months past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date - 11/4/08)  View statement

-Hidden Valley Coleslaw Dressing (7 months)

-Brownberry Traditional Stuffing Sage & Onion (5 months)

-Los Pericos Tostadas (3 months)

-D'Amico & Sons Romano and Vodka sauce (2 months)

-Spectrum Natural Eggless Vegan Light Canola Mayonnaise (2 months)

-Nestle Juicy Juice Apple Fruit Juice Beverage in box (51 days)

-Ken's Steakhouse Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing (12 days)

-Stoneridge Orchards Organic Whole dried Raspberries (5 days)

View Jim Kowalski's statement

    4190 Vinewood Lane

Perishable Products:

-Bob Evans Original Receipe Pork Sausage(10 days past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date)  View statement

-Bob Evans Italian Pork Sausage (7 days)  View statement 

-Chicken Patties Redi Serve Family Pack (no date; clerk said he did not know when the 'use by' date was)

Other Products:

-Whole Bean DeCaf Eight O'Clock coffee "Freshness Guaranteed" (10 months - 6/12/09)
View statement

-Campbell's Select Harvest Light Vegetable & Pasta Soup (7 months)

-SunMaid Natural California Zante Currants (4 months)

-Hamburger Helper Mexican Chili Macaroni (4 months)  View statement

-Jiffy Pizza Crust Mix (4 months) -Nissin Souper Mean with "Improved Flavor" Ramen Noodle soup (4 months)

-Hamburger Helper Italian Spaghetti Sauce mix (40 days)  View statement

-Pasta Roni Tomato Parmesan Angel Hair Pasta (2 months)

-Grape Nuts Natural Whole Grain Wheat with Barley cereal (45 days)

-Roundy's Cinnamon Applesauce Six Snack cups (31 days)

-Starbucks Decaf Verona Bold (April date; year & date unknown)

View Rainbow Foods statement

    1201 Larpenteur Ave

Perishable Products:

-Earth Grains 100% Natural Thin Buns 100% Multigrain bread (4 days past its 'sell by' or 'use by' date; developed mold after 6 days)

-Roundy's Seedless Deli Rye bread (2 days)

-Hormel Boneless Pork Roast Onion Garlic (2 days)

-Pavone Link Pepperoni Patrick Cudahy (2 days)

Other Products:

-Dickinson's Sugar Free Red Raspberry Preserves (4 1/2 months)

-Vino de Milo Balsamic & Olive Oil dressing (2 months)

-Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet N Sour Dipping Sauce & Sandwich Spread (36 days)

-Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce & Sandwich Spread (35 days)

-Sweet Baby Ray's Signature Sauce Dipping Sauce & Sandwich Spread (35 days)

-Teresa's Select Recipes Sesame Oriental dressing (35 days)

-Hidden Valley Italian Ranch Dressing (23 days)

-Kraft Dressing w/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Basil Parmesan Vinagrette (11 days)

-Sweet Baby Ray's Creamy Buffalo Wing Dipping Sauce & Sandwich Spread (5 days)

-Teresa's Select Recipes Asian Ginger dressing (3 days)

-Chocolate Cupcakes individually wrapped (1 day)

View Rainbow Foods statement

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