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Updated: 08/23/2013 12:51 PM
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By: Jennie Olson

TRIVIA: All-You-Can-Drink Milk Stand at the State Fair

Photo: MGN Online

The All-You-Can-Drink Milk Stand first opened on Machinery Hill at the Minnesota State Fair in 1955. Since then, the stand has served thousands of thirsty customers, becoming one of the most-recognized staples at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Here are a few other trivia facts about the stand, according to the Midwest Dairy Association:

  • The average customer drinks between two and three 12-ounce glasses of milk
  • In 2012, the All-You-Can-Drink Milk Stand served 15,893 gallons of 2 percent white milk and 15,691 gallons of 1 percent chocolate milk
  • The “All the Milk You Can Drink for a Dime” tent opened in 1955 and served milk from a five-gallon can
  • The barn-style building was constructed in 2004 and features a second story “loft” where milk is stored in 10 300-gallon totes
  • The loft is cooled to 38 degrees or less and is supported by pre-cast concrete that can support 64,800 pounds
  • More than 200 feet of stainless steel pipes carry the milk from tote to cup, and the milk is never touched by human hands from the time it leaves the cow until a consumer receives it.

The stand is owned by Minnesota’s nearly 4,000 dairy farmers and is operated by the Midwest Dairy Association.



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