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Updated: 07/04/2013 2:44 PM
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By: Maricella Miranda

Fido Hates Fireworks! Tips on Keeping Pets Safe July 4th

Photo: MGN Online

Everyone loves fireworks, right?

Well no, not everyone. Many animals can become stressed out by fireworks ignited around the Fourth of July, according to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. The group is reminding pet owners to keep animals safe and comfortable during festivities.

"Many pets are frightened by the loud noises associated with the Fourth of July," said Cindy Johnson, director of customer service, in a statement. "Animals do not enjoy fireworks like people, it is stressful for them. The safest place for all pets during these celebrations is at home and inside."

Big firework displays - as well as small fireworks in the neighborhood - can stress out animals and become dangerous for pets, Johnson said. Sometimes, the sound can make animals run away.

Tips to Keeping Animals Safe July Fourth

  • Resist taking your pets to firework displays.
  • Don't leave pets in the car while attending firework displays.
  • Keep animals safe and indoors during firework displays.
  • Inside, remove items that pets can destroy or that could be harmful. Leave a radio or television on at normal volume to buffer the loud noises outdoors.
  • If you know your pet is distressed by loud noises, such as thunder, consult your veterinarian to help alleviate any fear or anxiety.
  • Never leave pets outside and unattended, even in a fenced yard or on a chain.
  • Ensure your pets are wearing identification so they can be returned if lost. A microchip and a collar with an ID tag are the best ways to ensure your pet will return if it runs away or is lost.

The Animal Humane Society has a free public service to help reunite owners with their lost pets. Information about lost pets can be posted here.

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