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Updated: 04/01/2011 4:57 PM
Created: 10/29/2010 5:28 PM | Print |  Email
By: Gail Brown

Sunday, May 1, 2011: "The Tall Ships"

When the Tall Ships came to Duluth about a hundred thousand people showed up to see these magnificent queens of the oceans.  "On the Road" was on one of the vessels as it sailed from Michigan to the north shore to take part in this historic event. Join Jason Davis as he spends time aboard the ships, visits with crew members and joins the crowds along the dock.  Plus, come along and see a brand new exhibit of eight million dollars worth of treasure and pirate booty!

Click on the links below to watch individual segments:

Voyage of the Dennis Sullivan

Tall Ships in Duluth

Pirate's Booty

New Life for the Sundew

 For more information about what's happening in Duluth, click here.