Missing Minnesotans

Wetterling Case Solved but Dozens of Minnesota Kids Remain Missing

The sentencing of Danny Heinrich on November 21 brought to a close the state's most high-profile missing child case.

Even though we now know what happened to Jacob Wetterling, the whereabouts of dozens of other Minnesota children remain a mystery.

According to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, 35 kids from the state of Minnesota are currently considered missing.

Beginning November 27, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS will profile some of the cases of those children whose families have been waiting the longest.

Despite so much time having passed, some of the cases remain active and law enforcement is hopeful they will soon have answers. Others, however, are true cold cases with no new leads or information on what happened having come in for quite some time.

Here are the cases being profiled in our "Missing Minnesotans" series:

Authorities Form New Cold Case Unit to Investigate Disappearance of Washington County Teen

Authorities Form New Cold Case Unit to Investigate Disappearance of Washington County Teen


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