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KSTP Meteorologist Josh Wurster KSTP Meteorologist Josh Wurster

7 Day Forecast 7 Day Forecast

If you're heading out the door early this Saturday morning, grab the umbrella as a few rain showers will be pushing in from southern Minnesota. Besides the rain, watch out for dense fog. Areas south and west of the metro are all under a dense fog advisory until 9 this morning for visibility near 1/4 mile.

Once the rain clears this morning, the afternoon will bring more of the same - mild conditions with clouds, fog, and drizzle. The weekend as a whole is looking pretty gloomy. While Sunday will be on the dry side, it will still be gloomy and gray, but at least still mild.

Monday will be our best chance to catch a glimpse at the sun. If we do, it won't be a lot, but certainly more than we've seen it lately. The clouds roll back in by Tuesday as our next system arrives. That will bring a rain/snow mix Tuesday and Wednesday before changing to light snow on Thursday.

-Meteorologist Josh Wurster

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