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  • Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich May Loot Crate: Power

    I just received my Loot Crate for May and it is awesome. It contained so many awesome and unique items.

  • Photo courtesy of Foreigner Prior Lake High School Choir Sings with Foreigner

    On April 9, the Prior Lake High School choir will get the privilege to sing with Foreigner at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake.

  • Photo courtesy of Capcom Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Review

    Next week, Capcom will be releasing “Mega Man Legacy Collection” on the Nintendo 3DS. There will be a digital copy of the game that players can download off of the eShop and a standard version that will include 2 Nintendo 3DS Mega Man Themes, a sample compilation soundtrack featuring 18 songs from “Mega Man 1-6” and 4 “Mega Man” stickers. There will also be a special Collector’s Edition that will feature a gold “Mega Man” Amiibo, six “Mega Man” post cards and everything that will be released in the standard edition...

  • Photo courtesy of Scream Factory Blu-ray Review: The Vincent Price Collection III

    When I think of legendary horror film actors the first name that always pops into my mind is Vincent Price. He has been in so many classic horror films such as “House on Haunted Hill,” “House of Wax,” “The Fly,” “The Comedy of Terrors,” and hundreds of others.

  • Photo courtesy of Scream Factory Blu-ray Review: The Curse/ Curse II: The Bite Double Feature

    Wow! I just received a review copy of Scream Factory’s “The Curse/Curse II: The Bite” Double Feature on Blu-ray and this is one of my favorite double features that Scream Factory has released so far...

  • Photo courtesy of Scream Factory Blu-ray Review: Millennium/R.O.T.OR. Double Feature

    This month Scream Factory released sci-fi films “Millennium” and “R.O.T.O.R.” on Blu-ray and I received a review copy.

  • Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Review: Bump in the Night The Complete Series

    Mill Creek Entertainment just released the silly animated show “Bump in the Night: The Complete Series” on DVD and it’s awesome...

  • Photo is courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Review: Frankenstein: The Complete Mini-Series

    “Frankenstein” is one of the first horror characters I remember seeing as a kid. I remember watching the classic film on television and was amazed by it...

  • Photo courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertianment DVD Review: Beyond Beyond

    Lionsgate Home Entertainment just released a great animated film for kids called “Beyond Beyond...

  • Photo is courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment DVD Review: The Hatching

    Lionsgate Home Entertainment just released “The Hatching” on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand and it is awesome...

  • Photo courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment REVIEW: The Hateful Eight

    Anchor Bay Entertainment just released Quetin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

  • Photo courtesy of Square Enix REVIEW: Hitman

    Square Enix just released “Hitman” on the PS4, PC and XBOX One. This past weekend, I got the opportunity to play a review copy for the PS4, and it’s awesome...

  • Photo courtesy of Prima Games REVIEW: Prima Games The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Guide

    Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” is one of my favorite games in “The Legend of Zelda” series. It’s a much darker and mysterious game that is full of hidden items and areas to explore.

  • Old Voltage at Mayslack's in Minneapolis

    I was at Mayslack's Bar and Grill in Minneapolis to see Old Voltage an AC/DC tribute band...

  • Photo Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment The Hateful Eight

    Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” on Digital HD March 15th and on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand March 29th.

  • Photo courtesy of PLAYMOBIL Minnesota Wild Added To The PLAYMOBIL NHL Line

    Toy manufacturer PLAYMOBIL has just announced that it will be adding 12 more NHL Teams to their NHL Line and the Minnesota Wild is one of the teams...

  • Photo courtesy of Ubisoft Far Cry Primal PS4 Review

    Last week I received a review copy of Ubisoft’s “Far Cry Primal” for the PS4 and I had a blast playing it...

  • Photo courtesy of 2K PS4 Review: WWE 2K16 2015 Hall of Fame Showcase Pack

    This week 2K released the “2015 Hall of Fame Showcase Pack” for “WWE 2K16” on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and XBOX 360...

  • Photo courtesy of Disney Pixar Blu-ray Review: Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD Combo Pack

    Disney Pixar will be releasing “The Good Dinosaur” on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD this week. I received a review copy, and I really enjoyed this film a lot...

  • Photo courtesy of Prima Games Prima Games Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition Guide

    The highly anticipated “Street Fighter V” was released this week for the PS4 and PC. Prima Games just released the “Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition” guide and it is awesome...

  • Photo courtesy of Capcom Street Fighter V PS4 Review

    It was around 1990 when I was first introduced to Capcom’s “Street Fighter” series. The local arcade had it and I spent many hours playing it.

    Then in 1991, “Street Fighter II” was released, and I remember walking into the arcade and seeing a mob of people standing around it. I was blown away. You could choose to play as eight different characters, and each one had a unique look, fighting style and special moves.

  • Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich Aaron’s Backstage Pass: AC/DC at the Xcel Energy Center

    This year I spent Valentine’s Day seeing AC/DC which is my favorite band of all time at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. AC/DC is on their “Rock or Bust” world tour which is the title of their latest album and they made a stop in St. Paul...

  • Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at Shooting Star Casino

    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is celebrating their 50th year touring and playing music together and last night I saw them in concert at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN.

  • Photo courtesy of Old Voltage Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Ed Hollinger from Old Voltage Interview

    AC/DC is one of my favorite bands of all time and a few months ago I discovered an amazing AC/DC tribute band called Old Voltage.

  • Photo courtesy of Prima Games Review: Prima Games Official Lego Marvel Avengers Guide

    I just received a review copy of Prima Games “Official Lego Marvel Avengers” guide, and it is awesome. The “Lego Marvel Avengers” guide is extremely detailed and does a fantastic job at showing you where all of the collectibles and secrets are located in each area of the game. The maps and walkthroughs are very easy to understand and follow.  I also liked how the guide is laid out and that there are hundreds of in game photos and illustrations...

  • Photo is courtesy of Activision PS4 Game Review: Call of Duty Black Ops III: Awakening

    “Awakening “is the first DLC that was just released this week for Activision’s “Call of Duty Black Ops III” and it is awesome.

  • Photo courtesy of Scream Factory Blu-ray Review: Hellions

    Scream Factory released “Hellions” this week on Blu-ray, and it is a terrifying new horror film that will have you on edge the entire time you are watching it...

  • Photo courtesy of Universal 1440 Entertainment DVD Review: The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave

    If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining movie for your kids or family to watch, then I would highly recommend Universal 1440 Entertainment’s “The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave” on DVD.

  • Photo courtesy of Disney Blu-ray Review: Bridge of Spies Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD Combo Pack

    This week Disney and DreamWorks released Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies” on Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD. I received a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo pack of “Bridge of Spies” for review and I really enjoyed it a lot.

  • Photo courtesy of Nintendo 3DS Game Review: Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

    The very first Nintendo game I played was “Super Mario Bros.” on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1986 and ever since I have been a fan of the “Super Mario Bros.” series.
     There has been many “Super Mario Bros.” games released since 1986, and I think I have played them all.

  • Photo courtesy of Scream Factory Blu-ray +DVD Review: Jack’s Back Combo Pack

    This week Scream Factory released “Jack’s Back” in a Blu-ray + DVD Combo pack. I got the opportunity to watch a review copy of it, and I loved it.

    I have never seen “Jack’s Back” before, so I was pretty excited when I received a review copy. I have heard that it was a great film by so many people, and I have to agree with them.

  • Photo courtesy of 2K PS4 Review: WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack

    Five new WWE superstars have been added to the WWE 2K16 roster in the new “Future Stars Pack” which was released yesterday.

  • Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment PS4 Game Review: Lego Marvel's Avengers

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just released Lego Marvel’s Avengers and I got the opportunity to play a review copy of the game early...

  • PS4 Game Review: Gravity Rush Remastered

    Gravity Rush was released on the PS Vita in 2012, and Sony Computer Entertainment just released Gravity Rush Remastered on the PS4 with enhanced graphics. All of the graphics for the characters and backgrounds have been updated and they look fabulous...

  • Photo courtesy of Scream Factory Blu-ray Review: Sonny Boy

    I am still trying to figure out how to even describe “Sonny Boy,” which is Scream Factory’s latest release on Blu-ray. It was weird, disturbing, strange, shocking, interesting - I could go on and on, but I won't.  However, it was great and I did enjoy it...

  • Photo courtesy of Disney Blu-ray Review: Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-Ray, DVD and Digitial HD Combo Pack

    I have seen a lot of Disney films, but the one film I've never seen was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...

  • Interview with Parker Posey

    KSTP Entertainment Columnist Aaron Chalich had the opportunity to do a phone interview with actress Parker Posey talking about the film "Irrational Man" which was released on Blu-ray and DVD this week...

  • Photo courtesy of NECA Figure Reviews: NECA's Friday the 13th "Jason Lives" and Video Game Appearance Jason with Music

    NECA releases some of the most amazing looking action figures and they have tons of licenses for many popular movies, comic and video game franchises. One of my favorite horror movie series is Friday the 13 and NECA has released some of the coolest looking Jason figures. They are very detailed and it's clear that the artists and designers took their time to develop the best looking and most accurate figure they could for the fans...

  • Photo is courtesy of Capcom PS4 Review: Resident Evil 0

    I am a huge fan of the “Resident Evil” series since it was first released on PlayStation in 1996. Through the years I have played just about every “Resident Evil” game that has come out. The games are thrilling, terrifying and full of disgusting creatures. Capcom just released “Resident Evil 0” on the PlayStation 4 and it looks and sounds fabulous in HD...

  • Photo is courtesy of Atlas USA PS4 Review: The Deadly Tower of Monsters

    Wow! I just played an amazing and hilarious new game from Atlas USA called “The Deadly Tower of Monsters” on the PS4. As you may know from many of my reviews, I really enjoy B-movies, and “The Deadly Tower of Monsters” is like watching a really bad B-movie from the 60’s.

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